Investment Residence Permit

obtaining a residence permit in Latvia on the basis of investments

The most popular ways to obtain a Residence permit in Latvia are obtaining a Residence Permit through business and through investment. Application for a Residence permit through investment is more expensive at the initial stage but simple in terms of the procedure for obtaining and renewing. Obtaining a residence permit in Latvia through investment in real estate is, in our opinion, the most affordable and safest option for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia through investment.

Each method has its own characteristics and advantages, therefore, first, consult with specialists.

Purchase of real estate at least 250,000 euros value

The cadastral value of the Real estate - at least 250,000 euros;

one-time payment of a fee of 5% of the property value;

payment by bank transfer to the buyer's account in Latvia;

no real estate tax arrears;

purchase only from an individual or legal entity - a resident of Latvia, the EU or the European Economic Area, or a non-resident with a valid residence permit in Latvia.

real estate should not include agricultural land or forest land.

Opening a deposit account in a bank for 280,000 euros for a period of 5 years

a one-time state duty of 25,000 euros;

Purchase of interest-free government bonds in the amount of EUR 250,000 for a period of 5 years

one-time state duty of EUR 38,000.

There are also alternative options for obtaining a Residence Permit in Latvia on business basis.

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