Residence Permit in Latvia

Residence Permit in Latvia. Simply and Clear

A Residence Permit in Latvia is a document in the form of an ID card that allows you to stay in Latvia for more than 90 days in a half-year, and also gives you the right to move freely in the Schengen area. Normally after the end of the period the issued temporary residence permit can be prolonged if the reason for staying in Latvia is not changed. After a 5-year period of staying in Latvia with the temporary residence permit, the foreigner has the right to apply for a permanent residence permit. In 5 years more the individual can apply for obtaining a Latvian citizenship. Should you need our advice on obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, please contact us.


  • Free Movement within European Union - the Latvian residence permit allows you to travel through the territory of the states that are members of the EU and the Schengen area.

  • EU passport - after living in Latvia for 10 years you have a right to apply for citizenship in Latvia.

  • Immigration with family - together with the main applicant, the right to move to Latvia extends to close family members (spose, children).

  • Employment - a кesidence зermit grants possibility to work in Latvia.

  • New business opportunities - a residence permit allows you to engage in entrepreneurial activities with access to the EU market.

  • Social security - with a residence permit, it is possible to receive preferential medical care and other benefits provided by Latvia.


The most popular ways to obtain a residence permit in Latvia are obtaining a Residence Permit through business and through investment. Obtaining a Residence Permit through a business is less expensive, but more difficult. Registration of a residence permit in Latvia through employment in your own Latvian company is, in our opinion, the best option for a residence permit in Latvia for business reasons.

In turn, a request for a Residence Permit through investment is more costly at the initial stage, but simple in terms of the procedure for obtaining and extending. Obtaining a Residence Permit in Latvia through investment in real estate is, in our opinion, the most affordable and safest option for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia through investment.

Each method has its own characteristics and advantages, therefore, first, consult with specialists.


Right to:

  • Free exit from the country and arrival to the country without any temporary restrictions on stay in the territory of Latvia. However, if you plan to obtain permanent resident status (permanent residence) in the future, then the period of your absence from the country cannot exceed 6 consecutive months or no more than one year in total for the entire 5-year period.

  • work and study in Latvia, i.е. the right to formally find employment and study in educational institutions

  • the use of state and medical services, as well as all social guarantees provided to the citizens of Latvia, such as unemployment benefits, childbirth benefits, and others.

  • visa-free visits to countries included in the Schengen agreement for up to 90 days every six months (except for the UK), i.е. the right to freely move around the Schengen countries, as well as stay on their territory up to 180 days a year (including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland).

  • acquisition and registration of one or more cars in Latvia for free movement in it Latvia and outside the country. However, you will not be able to transfer control of this vehicle by proxy outside the European Union.

  • obtaining a Latvian driving license valid in the EU and other countries.

  • extension after five years of your temporary residence permit for another five years, or the right to obtain a permanent residence permit in Latvia. A permanent residence permit will provide an opportunity to obtain citizenship, as well as social and economic benefits in other countries of the European Union. In ten years, you will be able to obtain Latvian citizenship by going through the naturalization procedure. This will allow you and your children to become full-fledged citizens of the European Union, enjoy all the social benefits of Latvia and the EU, travel freely, work, do business and much more.

  • Simplified issuance of visas to other countries such as England, Ireland, Canada, USA

  • Self-issuance of an invitation for obtaining a visa to relatives and other persons


An application for a residence permit in Latvia, in addition to the applicant, can also be submitted by the following persons:

  • Legal spouse;

  • minor children under 18;

  • persons under guardianship.

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