Professional and certified accounting in Latvia since 2002

AUDITEX provides a full range of accounting services for Latvian companies: tax calculation, preparation, and the submission of annual returns and regular reports to the Tax Revenue Service and other government agencies. You will save the funds needed to pay salaries and taxes to an accountant, equip and maintain the accountant's workplace, and purchase hardware and software. We cooperate with trusted and certified auditors if the company's financial statements require to be audited according to the law. Automation of work processes and many years of experience allow us to offer this service at an attractive price, corresponding to the specifics of the work we do and your requests.

Should you need more information about the accounting services we provide, please send us a request or contact the numbers indicated below. 

Our specialization is reporting for Latvian companies   

In addition, we have experience and expertise in keeping records of the operations of companies registered in Estonia, Great Britain, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore, and a number of others. Please ask for advice here.

Our advantages

Outside view and independence

We are not trying to adopt your outlook on business, as we view it independently from the outside. We take a careful and critical approach and are not subject to internal corporate pressure. This practice helps us find the most effective and rational solutions for you.

Experience and tradition

We are traditionally a bridge between the West and East and speak the same language with our clients. Being in the European legal field and applying the best international tax practices, it is easy for us to give simple and understandable advice to entrepreneurs on the best ways to organize a business in Europe and how to structure personal and corporate income. In addition, we assist with solving the associated legal issues, aid with private and corporate relocation, migration issues, and many others.

Personal and flexible approach

The efficiency of a small private company has always been its advantage over large corporations, where intra-corporate communication and coordination take more time. We are focused on a personalized approach to each client and always solve customers' problems on an individual basis.

Why are the services of an external accountant advantageous and convenient?

Do I need my own accountant? Am I paying my accountant adequately, or can I pay less for accounting? Does my accountant manage to follow the changes in the legislation? Is my accountant fully loaded or has too much free time for the same salary?

Of course, you would like to entrust such an important position to someone with appropriate education, experience, and well-versed in accounting and finance. However, you have similar transactions, and the specifics of your company's operation do not require the constant presence of an accountant. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider whether it could be more favorable to entrust accounting to professionals - a company that, using its experience in accounting services and tax consulting, guarantees the accuracy, efficacy, and timeliness of accounting.

In addition to accounting, you can also benefit from our personal and corporate tax advice, services for registering a company in Latvia, and those for obtaining a Residence permit in Latvia.

If you are interested in taxes in Latvia, you can find a brief overview of this topic on our page about Taxes in Latvia, and a more detailed analysis can be found in our News and Publications.  

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